Gunn Nilsen 64
 Stroke 2004
 Polymyalgia Reumatica
 Perniøs Anemia


Comments from Gunn after 50 treatments in 10 months:
The treatment reduces the side effects of medications: Less mucus production (side effect of blood thinning medicine) and has fallen about 15 kg in weight due to less water in the body (side effect of prednisolone).
Has regained feeling in the skin and body parts, is something left in her legs yet. Ellipses in the skin and muscles of the neck.
Has been for a walk every day about 1 to 1.5 hour since before the treatment started. Previously, it went about 1 hour before the pain stopped. Now it takes 15 min. Do the polymyalgia burn out faster?
Are in better mental balance and have more initiative to take care of myself. Less emotional because of lost skills. Have better coping. Feeling that the head is more in place and is no longer controlling. More spontaneous.
The most unique feature of this treatment has been balancing the mind and emotions.
I need this stimulation particularly due to:
-It provides circulation in the body without physical exertion.
-It stimulates impulsivity and automatic. Do not have to think about and control all movement