Multivib products

MULTIVIB is developing new products as well as further development of existing products.
 We sell and rent equipment.




Multivib Basic
200 x 70 x 4 cm
Mattress with phthalate-free cover and 10 built-in speakers, built-in amplifier and 5 treatment programs on the Multivib app. Your own tablet or smart phone must be connected to the amplifier wirelessly or via cable. Carrying bag included. Therapeutic equipment. Most commonly used in smaller clinics and by private individuals.


Multivib Plus                                     
93 x 200 x 4,5 cm
The Plus mattress is designed for the professional user with an imitation leather cover that is phthalate-free and disinfect-able. There are 10 transducers in the mattress. The portable amplifier has eight embedded treatment programs that can be adapted to customer needs. Professional equipment designed for healthcare.
DSC_0948 ny

Multivib Mini
60 x 35 x 5 cm
The Mini mattress / cushion is designed for home use; in a chair or wheelchair, to put behind back or under legs. It has 4 transducers, amplifier and an app with 5 treatment programs. The amplifier must be connected to a smart-phone or tablet.





Multivib Hand
15 x 5 cm
The pillow has one transducer to give therapists an alternative treatment possibility. Comes with amplifier and the same treatment programs as the mattresses. The amplifier must be connected to a smart-phone or tablet.
Multivib Duo
35 x 14 cm 
A soft pillow with 2 transducers made for home use. Comes with amplifier and 4 treatment programs. Duo is very nice to put behind your back or wherever needed. The amplifier must be connected to smart-phone or tablet.
DSC_0915 (1024x813)
Multivib Duo in imitation leather
Available in several colors and is better suited for healthcare.
Also used by chiropodist and dentist (Multivib Dent). Also used as stimulation for multi handicapped persons.
Multivib Dent
35 X 14 cm
A soft pillow with 2 transducers. Amplifier with an embedded treatment program, made for persons with dental fear.