Multivib at home

Multivib is suitable for use in private homes. 

The Multivib concept demonstrates to be very effective in treatment of several every-day issues, such as wryneck, tensed shoulders, frozen shoulder, menstrual pains, COPD and Lower Back Pains. Low-frequency sound waves that spread in the body provides a comfortable and relaxing feeling while vibrations can loosen tight muscles, increase circulation, alleviate pain and more. There are different audio files for different conditions.

The Multivib concept can easily be  used at home. Some individuals purchase their own mattress. We have also made a soft pillow with 2 transducers for home use. In Norway it is also used in a chiropodist chair and a dentist chair. Also used for children with multiple disabilities. The Multivib concept is easy to use. Audio files with color codes and a simple user guide, and telephone support.