Vibro Acoustic Therapy (VAT) for horses

HORSEVIB may be described as a deep sounding massage with low frequency sound applicable for:

-Treatment for acute injuries with immobility in joints and muscle cramps

-Rehabilitation and recuperation after injuries in joints and muscles

-Prevention of injuries by treatment after hard exercise with high levels of lactic acid and/or other strains

-The method is gentle and safe without any known side effects


The idea for a horse blanket came from Majstin Wik and her positive experience of treating humans with Multivib. Wik performed a pilot study containing treatment of 50 horses where she was able to prove a documented positive response from the treatments. The result of this study is the foundation of the cooperation between Multivib AS/ Toril Vearnes Troen and its inventor Olav Skille, for the development of HORSEVIB as a treatment method for horses.

VAT may be used in combination with other treatments f ex: physiotherapy, chiropractic, acupunctur, etc.  Horsevib transmits a deep muscular relaxation and thereby also contributes to spare the body of the massage therapist.