Hot Flushes

Torun 55 years

– I sweated quite extreme; it was like I came straight up from a bath with clothes on. It could happen anytime, anywhere. I tried to think that menopause was something I just had to deal with, but no one can bring three changes of clothes every day. At one point I just gave up and decided to book doctor’s appointment, tells Torun Sigurdsen from Trondheim.

Later that same week, I saw an advertisement from Klinikk 1
– It was a stroke of luck! I was willing to try a lot before medication. The ad was looking for volunteers for a project about women and menopause, and I did immediately contact them.
It was not long before Torun could feel the difference.
– And only by lying on a mattress and have comfort! At first I did not know if it was just random variations, but later it was clearly better. I can get a hint of relapse if I am ill, but under normal circumstances, I do not have it. Luckily, I did not need the doctor’s appointment, Torun’s smiling.
At first she went to therapy three times a week, but now she goes once a week. Eventually she could escalate further.