Cerebral Palsy

Reidar Ulseth  Nilsen , 45 years
Cerebral Palsy. Well functioning.

Reidar’s own comments about Multivib:

The brain and the body have a constant ongoing conversation. The conversation has several topics and themes. This is because they both need to know the other.

One topic is the musculoskeletal system. The conversation is characterized by brain asking and the body responding. The answers provide the basis for new, more detailed questions. The brain builds an increasingly accurate view, an objective map. The map of the body is used when the brain initiates and controls the motion.

Another theme is new body-image. Conversation starts with a spontaneous report from the body. The brain tries to understand whether it is a new wound, broken bones, fatigue, refreshed, bodily pleasure. Based on the spontaneous messages the brain answers/informs.

A third theme is the mental functions. Conversation characterized by brain seeking assurance that the body exists. When the body confirms that the body exists, the brain is soothed. The more detailed body describes himself, the more the brain feels calmed.

You can stimulate conversation in several ways. Exercise is a common and easy way to stimulate conversation. The challenge is to make the conversation more varied and exact – not just louder. Increased accuracy in conversation simplifies life in terms of movement, pain and reassurance.

When you move, the conversation becomes more loud. If the movement pattern is familiar to you, you will learn little, the conversation is not more diverse and accurate. As long as you try to learn new and difficult movement combinations, conversation will evolve.

I have spent many years learning new and difficult exercises. My goal has been to develop the conversation to change every day. The process – changing the conversation – began with strange exercises 15 years ago. 3 years ago I started with something new and incomprehensible again. (VAT)

Toril at the Klinikk1 asked if I wanted to try the Multivib mattress. I was shocked. The body is stimulated directly. Completely different from physical exercises. The mattress is controlling the conversation with the body. For a long time I was confused – did I experience pain or pleasure?

The frames of the conversation burst. Pain and confusion say that my brain is overwhelmed. The brain does not control the conversation, and this reminds the brain of the conversations reported spontaneously from the body. The brain’s interpretation is pain. Only gradually an update of the body map becomes the brain’s primary focus.

More changes are stimulated by Multivib. I got better vision – reading and recognizing faces. Better balance and coordination – altered movement patterns. Resolution of fibroids – improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure. Reduced physical stress. Reduced weight because of water loss. Improved organ function and bladder control.